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I always visit to my doctor every couple weeks for my back check up. I am glad that we have insurance and my husband and I didn’t pay full in our medical bills because the insurance pay some of it. If we don’t have insurance, I don’t know where to get some money to pay for our medical bills. It really helps us a lot to have insurance and if you are planning to get one look here.

smith equipment

I’m glad that I open smith equipment website. I know my husband will really love to check this out. He is surfing the internet and looking for different kinds of equipment and parts for this coming spring. It’s nice to know that Smith Equipment offers a high quality oxy-fuel cutting, brazing, heating, welding, and gas regulation. I am pretty sure that my husband will like this shop since he is a tool maker. I will going to tell him about it.

Baby Shower Gift

I wasn’t able to attend the baby shower and I sent this baby set and more baby stuff. It’s nice to know that they like the handmade set. It’s perfect for this coming spring and summer. Soon I will going to sew more girls dress. You can check it our if you want to. Thanks for visiting in my blog.