Polka dot Pink Baby Dress

I sent 0-3 months old size baby set of dress and diaper cover when Sophia was small. Then I saw her picture on facebook and she still wear the set. Though dress is short for her,  she grows for it and it became her top.Isn’t she cute?

Roadside Assistance Plan

Do you have a roadside assistance plan? If not try to check this website at Goodsamers.com, they really are helping and assisting the people. Based on our experienced it’s really very important that there’s somebody can help in times of need. Our truck broke down along the road few months ago and we are thankful of the roadside assistance for helping us.

3rd day of my New Job

It’s my 3rd day of work today and I was assigned as a server in the kitchen. Pretty much the work is almost the same job when I was in my country. I work in the cafeteria in one of the school in the Philippines and now that I’m here in US I worked in the kitchen of one of the nursing home. It felt good to serve people though I am still adjusting my job, I stop working for over 3 years so that is why I am not use to work straight. Now, my feet is killing me, I stand from morning to afternoon so I don’t wonder when its hurt so bad. I know it will be fine in a few weeks. So far work is okay, I know that there’s no hard work for me as long as I serve people.

Persol Sunglasses

I went to the nearest store in our place to find sunglasses to replace my old one. I didn’t really found the sunglasses that I want there. But I am planning to buy the expensive one I am thinking that if it’s expensive it’s quality. I’m wrong because not all beautiful and quality sunglasses is expensive. I found different brand of sale sunglasses online and there’s persol sunglasses too. It’s a good brand and I like it. Try to check their website if you want to view branded sunglasses.

Wife’s Birthday Surprise

As a wife it’s very precious to me to receive birthday gifts from my husband. So if you are looking for wife’s birthday surprise, try to check this website at berries.com. They have mouth watering birthday gift to give to your beloved wife. I know that most wife love chocolates and delicious food so better check out this site if you are planning to give a surprise to your wife. I know it’s one of the perfect gift to give.

First Job

I’m glad that Sunrise called me this morning that I can start my job tomorrow morning. I am excited now that I can start my very first job, at the same time I’m anxious what’s the life outside the house. I’m stay at home wife and self- employed for over 3 years and working in other place is new to me. Well, I hope that everything is doing fine. I will update you later. Have a great evening!

ACH Check Processing

I really found that electronic payment is one of an easy way to pay. The payment authority provides expertise and education for financial institutions for consumers and companies. They have this Automated Clearing House that will help smooth the transaction by using wire transfer, ATM and more. Have you heard about ach check processing? If not, try to check their website at Hepaymentsauthority.org for more details.