Military Challenge Coins

I know of a friend who love to collect different kinds of coins. It’s kind of fun to collect many coins and I don’t blame my friend for doing that. I came across to this website at, and they create different kinds of coins including the military challenge coins. They have designers to help you create your coin in the way you wanted to be. You can check the website if you are interested.

Need to Catch Some Sleep

I slept late last night by the time I am very tired and need some rest. That’s the time that there’s thunderstorm and lightning in our place. The rain poured very heavy plus it’s windy so pretty much it takes many minutes for me to sleep. But finally I fall asleep and woke up at 6:30 am. It’s not so bad to get 6 hours of sleep but I need to catch some more sleep tonight and hopefully there’s no thunderstorm and lightning. I hope not. Hope you guys have a great weekend.

Smoking People

When I was in my country I found many people are smoking. They smoke in the park, cars and along the road. I just wonder if they have a lot of money to buy cigarettes. So when I saw that there’s discount cigars online right away, I know the reason. I am not smoking but I am amazed to those people who are smoking. I bet they have a lot of money to buy cigars :) Well, that’s not my business to know if they have money or not.

Skiing Goggles

It’s been three years now that we didn’t go for a scuba diving. My husband is scuba diving instructor and he taught me how to scuba dive. He bought scuba mask for me but the mask didn’t fit so good to my face. That is why by the next time we go for a diving I will buy a new scuba mask. I have to make sure that it really fits good to my little flat nose. I found that they have variety of scuba mask online, not only scuba mask but they have skiing goggles too. You can check online if you are looking for scuba mask and goggles.

Drop Down Coupons

I started cutting coupons few months ago because I want to save money by doing that. I search online and I found few that I like. I came across this drop down coupons and it’s really great website to go to if you want to know what store have available coupons. In my experience of using coupons it’s really a great deals. If you want to find a discount school supply coupons just download the drop down coupons now. I already downloaded the website, try to download yours.

Have a Great Day!

We hit triple digits since last week and hopefully not this week. Yesterday it’s humid and I don’t feel like staying outside even for just a second. But I need to water my vegetables so I go out pretty quick just to watered my plants. Well, that’s the way it goes. I hope you guys have a cooler week and stay cool :) Have a great day to all!

POS System

I am selling girls dresses and other handmade clothing for over three years now and finally I decided to open a branch in the Philippines. I already checked out the area or building of the new store and now I am thinking that  is a great help and it’s convenient for us. I know that because of bar code scanner and other pos accessories  it helps the transaction easy and quick. So if it’s happen that you are looking for one please check out their site.