Free Cloth Diaper Sewing Patterns

I search online for Free Cloth Diper Sewing Patterns  and I'm glad that I found not only one sewing pattern but a lot :). So if you want to make your own cloth diapers and save some bucks please click the link. I am supproting all the stay at home mom and I made a lot of cloth diapers too. I made not only for my niece and nephew but for my friends daughter and son. I really enjoy sewing! Good luck to your sewing.

My Sewing Room

I’m rearranging my sewing room because I don’t have much room inside my small studio. I am glad that my hubby helping me moving the heavy bed and arranging the chair. Now, it’s little better than before and I try to organize it a little bit :) Here’s the picture inside my small studio.

Samsung Galaxy

One of the phone that I want to have is samsung galaxy. It’s really nice because they have multimedia features. Oh my! I better save some money for now so I can buy one smart phone for me. The Samsung galaxy is a great way to communicate by social networking or messaging.  I’m pretty sure this is the phone that I need. I am just so excited to buy new phone for me whenever I am ready.

Yoga Pants

I bought a yoga exercise dvd few months ago because I want to have a yoga exercise. For me, yoga is very good for the health as what I’ve understand but I think it’s good also to have a  comfortable yoga pants to wear when I work out. I am not comfortable with tight pants when I have my yoga. I am planning to buy a yoga pants  so I can move freely and I need stretchable yoga pants.