Hot Pink Pillowcase Dress

I made this versatile pillowcase dress and bow for my friends daughter. It’s made of 100% cotton and it’s polka dot and zebra design. It’s fun  design and my friends daughter really look adorable in her dress and bow. I listed this item in my ebay shop so if you want to buy this dress just click ebay shop to go to my store. Thanks for browsing!

Try to Loss Weight

To try to loss weight is very hard and it takes a lot of self control, motivation and discipline. I know it’s not easy to control our appetite not to eat sweet and fatty foods. I think that’s one of the reasons why many people go to diet supplement to help them. One of the weight loss supplement is myoripped. It is a formula that combines both muscle building and fat burning ingredients. You can read more about myoripped reviews if you want to know more about it and are planning to take weight loss supplement.

Cash for Gold

Investment is important to us because it’s really helps us a lot before. It’s real nice to have investment so in case something’s happen we have something to get. My friend in Washington told me that their investment is gold because they can sell it whenever they need money. Pretty much you can cash for gold when you want to. This time it’s easy to get cash for your unwanted jewelry. There’s websites online that accepts and cash for gold.

How I Met This Little Angel

I went to the store this morning to buy fabrics. I saw a little girl in my side and she talked a lot, I supposed to ignore her but her innocent smile and being so friendly caught my attention. She hold a heart shape frame and she said I think this frame really good to hang on your wall. She said what’s the word written in there? When I read it says ” Oh Give Thanks to the Lord for He is Good! for His Mercy Endures Forever Psalm 118:1. I stopped in few seconds to ponder upon the word written on the frame and then look at the little girl. I see her as an angel reminding me to be thankful to the Lord all the time.

After the tornado hit in Illinois that night when we’re there, then the car accident along the road. I really noticed how God protected us and how safe we are in His arms. I really thankful and praising God for His love and mercy endures forever.

I better say I met my angel today :)

Emergency Road Service

Spring is here and I’m glad. We are planning to go for a kayaking this memorial day. Now, I am preparing for our activities and I am so very excited in our activities. We have a lot of things need to be done first before we go. Hubby will going to check our car again before we travel. It happened last few years ago that our car stop in the middle of  the road before we reach our destination. So now we want to be safe than sorry and also we are thinking to look for emergency road service in case something happen on the road. As what I’ve said it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Free Handmade Gallery

I slept late last night because I updated the site that I made for my free handmade items. I didn’t noticed that it’s already 1 o’clock in the morning. It’s been a while that I am thinking to have free handmade clothing for mom, girls and babies. I am happy to create handmade stuff and suppose I will give it for free but because I need to continue what I want to do now, I need to buy materials so I only ask donations in any handmade that I made in my site. You can check at if you want to check the handmade creations of mine.

Fashion Fundraiser Show

It’s sunny today though it’s a little bit windy but it’s not bad. I went outside and washed my car and my hubby’s car so it‘s clean and pretty much ready to use this week. It’s nice to see a clean car. Now, I’m online and checking the new stuff and fashion online. I love to look new styles of clothing and also gowns. I open a website at, they have beautiful wedding gown and bridesmaid dresses , it’s so pretty. By the way, if you are planning to buy a wedding gown try to visit their website. They have Fashion Fundraiser for Victims of Japan Tsunami. The show in “The Perfect Red Circle” on Friday, Apr 8th at 6:30p at The Griffin, located at 50 Gansevoort Street, New York, New York, 10014. If you are near why not try to go. I will go if I am near.