Back Surgery laser

I know to have back pain is not fun at all and pretty much I know what it feels like to have aching back. I still go to my Doctor for my back check-up. I’m glad that my back is much better now but I know a friend who undergoes to back surgery. It’s nice to know that she is doing great right now. I know that to have spine surgery needs much care and healing. Thanks to the Doctors and assistance who are their to help every patient. To have back surgery laser will help to stop the back pain after the healing of the surgery. If you are looking for a very good physician to help you in your painful back. Try to visit their site.

Receipt Printer

I love to sew baby cloth diapers and girls dresses. Now, I am still sewing cloth diapers and girls pillowcase dresses. I open a shop few years ago and now looking this receipt printer makes me want to buy one for me. It’s more convenient for me if I have receipt printer, that way I still can sell online while I’m still working outside. Now, I know where to go when I am ready to buy receipt printer.

Please Check our Store

Just to let you know guys that for now I only open one store in, I am very busy in my work everyday and I only accept custom order up to 2 weeks. But pretty soon I have someone sewing more cloth diapers. So don’t forget to check our shop and there you can find a good deals.

Pennysylvania Energy

I just wonder if we use energy saving appliances inside the house if how much energy we save. We want to make our electric bill low every month. We are looking for a very good appliances that is very good in saving the electricity. I found out online that in Pennsylvania that there’s company that allows consumers to choose their electric supplier and lower their monthly electric bill. It’s interesting that they save up to 10% and more in pennsylvania energy Try to check this out if you are living in Pennsylvania.

Polka dot Pink Baby Dress

I sent 0-3 months old size baby set of dress and diaper cover when Sophia was small. Then I saw her picture on facebook and she still wear the set. Though dress is short for her,  she grows for it and it became her top.Isn’t she cute?

Roadside Assistance Plan

Do you have a roadside assistance plan? If not try to check this website at, they really are helping and assisting the people. Based on our experienced it’s really very important that there’s somebody can help in times of need. Our truck broke down along the road few months ago and we are thankful of the roadside assistance for helping us.

3rd day of my New Job

It’s my 3rd day of work today and I was assigned as a server in the kitchen. Pretty much the work is almost the same job when I was in my country. I work in the cafeteria in one of the school in the Philippines and now that I’m here in US I worked in the kitchen of one of the nursing home. It felt good to serve people though I am still adjusting my job, I stop working for over 3 years so that is why I am not use to work straight. Now, my feet is killing me, I stand from morning to afternoon so I don’t wonder when its hurt so bad. I know it will be fine in a few weeks. So far work is okay, I know that there’s no hard work for me as long as I serve people.