Looking Back

My very first trip to US. I travel alone with no family, relative and friends for 17 hours from the Philippines to US. I never experience before to travel for 5-10 hours by myself mostly when I travel i really have companion. But I never think that i travel alone to US. It was the very experienced that I never forget. I have a mixed emotion during my trip especially when I miss my last flight to US. I’m glad that I made it and I arrived in US safely with much prayers. I know that God’s angel is with me during my trip. Every prayers that I prayed God answer it. I never been to any countries except my country, all of the countries that I been to, i have seen only in the globe before. It’s not easy for me to leave my family and friends.
Today, when i look the photo that i took when I’m inside the airplane, it reminds me to be strong in what ever circumstances. Even when you are far from your lovedonce.

I’m looking forward to see my friends and family someday. How I miss them so much. Isn’t that hard to leave your loveones?

Welcome TDIN- The Designer In Nebraska

to TDIN blog. By the way, to introduce myself just call me TDIN. I am married and live in Nebraska. I just love to hear the word TDIN because it’s short word, it’s just 4 letters. My friend ask me why TDIN and I came up to this meaning
T- The
D- Designer
I- In
N- Nebraska

Since I live in Nebraska now I came up to the meaning of TDIN above.
I really love to sew since I was 8 years old and one of my dream is to sew women and children’s clothing. I grow up in the Philippines and I live in the countryside with my family. When you live in the countryside there is not much toys to play like the kids in the city that they have most of the toys. I spent most of my time inside the house with my mom and siblings. We played unwanted fabric from my uncle and aunties sewing room. Cutting and sewing the small pieces of unwanted fabric by hand is fun for me. I think that is the reason why I love sewing because I am sorrounded by my seamstress family members. For now, I fucos on sewing kids clothing.

For more information of me please follow my blog. Thanks!

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